Rural Doom is here to stay for sure. Tomorr Band Exclusive Interview

Rural Doom is here to stay for sure. Tomorr Band Exclusive Interview

Tomorr janë një bandë italiane doom (rural doom sic e quajnë ata zhanrin e tyre) E vecanta e kësaj bande është që mes tyre kanë dhe një pjesëtar shqiptar dhe të tre instrumentistët krijojnë një lloj zhanri muzikor deri diku të padëgjuar ndonjëherë ( bandë e ngjashme mund të jete vetëm Villagers of Ioannina City ). Me një gërshetim të jashtëzakonshëm të muzikës dhe influencave folklorike shqiptare dhe soundit të rëndë fuzz/distortion Tomorr shumë shpejt do të jetë njeë emer i njohur kudo në Europe. Më poshte keni një interviste ekskluzive nga banda.

Intervista është në gjuhën angleze.

Who are the band members and where are you from?

Tomorr is Mostro, J and Chero. We’re based in the desolate land of Florence’ suburbs, Empoli. Even thought that we grew up here in touscany, J is albanian native (Berat) while Chero moved here from the south (Lecce). Mostro is the only local one.

What first got you into music?

We’re long-time friends, we met about 10 years ago. We were like basic adolescents into rock and heavy music, listening to the “big names” of the genre. I think Black Sabbath it’s been the first step for all of us to get sick of music and starting to play an instrument: we were all born as guitarists. During these 10 years we have been hungry for new things to listen to and starting exploring new sounds, including folkloric music. Our band could be like a taste of many of our musical influences, that it’s now beyond the exclusive interest in heavy music.

Who inspired you to make heavy music?

We have to admit that our music takes roots in Black Sabbath’s discography, even our friendship starts there. We progressively grew wiser listening the various amount of music we could reach (neofolk, blues, stoner, drone etc.). We’re not like focused on one single genre and we hope that this can be deduced from our music.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Rural Doom, we think it fits well our heavy sound mixed up with albanian folkloristic music.

What is your creative process like?

We musically know each other very well by now, we are strongly free when composing. Improvisation is for us a great engine of creativity, but we have learned to be even more methodical to find the best concatenation between the parts. At the end of the process it is very important to question what we have composed, to rethink what seem weaker to us.

What gear do you use ?

Chero (Drums) plays a restricted set consisting of a snare drum (with a very taut head), floor tom, kick drum, hi-hat and two rides. Mostro and Jemiister (bass and guitar / vocals) use vintage tube amplifiers: for the bass a Sound city 120L (1974), for the guitar a Davoli Show 5 (60s). Basically, we like a warm, loud and fat sound, we obviously use fuzz and distortions, whas, tremolo and so on for acidic atmospheres and noises

How come the Albanian influence on your songs ?

Our interest in Albanian folkloristic music has his birth on our teenage days. All of us were fascinated by the players’ talent in producing acoustic walls of sound during kaba’s improvisations. We decided to translate that complex and even amazingly natural style of playing to our contemporary sounds and structures.

How difficult is it for an Italian band to reach its goals in Italy ?

Italian scene is complex and ambiguous, it can be really exclusive, having severe blocks on entry. Even the “underground” community suffers from those forms and standards of mainstream mindset that they fight. That makes things difficult for us (and everyone), lack of cohesion and mutual support. That’s to say, our last album got more attention and interested listeners abroad, we’re obviously pleased for that, but the example fits well the case, fewer and fewer social, economical and material chances to even realize our goals.

Did you have any live events before the pandemic ?

We haven’t played a single show in one year, last one was on October 2019. We had to prepare our album release and, on the other side, we were slightly discouraged. It’s hard to find the right places where to display our music and the average Italian is not quite interested in live shows. We chose hermitage before the actual taking course of the pandemic.

Which famous bands do you admire?

As mentioned above, Black Sabbath are essential for us. For other names I’ll try to find what all three like. The big names in the doom / stoner world have always been a point of reference, such as Kyuss, Sleep, Om, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Thou, The body, Earth and many others. The list of the bands that we admire could be of thousands of names, I just mention what I’m sure that all of us still love.

What about a live show in Tirana, Albania ?

It would really be a dream come true. Touring in Albania and Balkans it’s on our once in a lifetime to-do list. Our band it’s strongly linked to that world, those traditions and music. When this fucking pandemic will end, we will try to organize something there for sure, let’s keep in touch and let’s do it!

What are the plans for the future ?

In a moment like the one we’re living right now, almost everybody it’s forced downsizing their ambitions. So a great start I think will be to start over live gigs. We’re looking forward to be able to promote our debut record on a stage, or maybe even on the ground. We think that our music need a “live voice” that can’t be replaced. We hope that the world


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